How I Met Your Mother Season 9 DVD released!


How I Met Your Mother
The Whole Story

Featuring All 208 Episodes of the Legendary Series,
Including The Highly Anticipated Alternate Ending

On DVD September 23

You don’t have to “wait for it” any longer…the complete series collection is here asHow I Met Your Mother – The Whole Storyarrives on DVD September 23 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “Suit up” for all nine legendary seasons of the slap-happy show that took TV comedy to hilarious new heights. Join Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), Robin (Cobie Smulders), Marshall (Jason Segel), Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and their romantically challenged best friend Ted (Josh Radnor) for more than two-hundred truly awesome episodes. Relive all the inside jokes, crazy time-jumps, never-saw-that-coming plot twists and classic long-running gags: from the Bro Code to doppelg√§ngers to Robin Sparkles to the infamous slap bet between Marshall and Barney.

2 Minutes To Open by Jared Varava for Food Network

For the Food Network
Directed by Jared Varava | An Illusion of Movement

Music and sound by Aaron Drake | Idyllwild Media
See the video.

Have you ever wondered what happens in a restaurant before they open? 2 Minutes to Open is your behind-the-scenes look into what makes a restaurant successful. From food prep to folding napkins, you will be amazed at the hard work behind every restaurant experience.

Don Peyote’s Theatrical Trailer

Starring Dan Fogler (also Directed by) Josh Duhamel, Anne Hathaway, Tofer Grace, Jay Baruchel, Wallace Shawn, Dean Winters, and Abel Ferrara, “Don Peyote” is about an unemployed stoner (Fogler) who finally finds a purpose in life after an unpleasant encounter with a homeless man preaching the end is near. Fueled by vivid apocalyptic dreams, he becomes obsessed with doomsday theories and decides to make a documentary on the subject while his fiance is busy planning their wedding.

Lisa’s Advice

Idyllwild just finished the sound editing “Lisa’s Advice”; a comedic web series written, produced, co-directed by (and starring) Anna Christopher and Regina Taufen.

New installments of “Lisa’s Advice” are released on a bi-weekly basis on the days that start with the letter “T,” namely Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The first installment of “Lisa’s Advice” premiered on Thursday, October 24th, 2013.

In this episode, we find out how Anna keeps a boyfriend around. See their YouTube channel here.

Shelter Island at the Red Rock Film Festival

In case you’re in beautiful St. George Utah on November 8-10, 2013 for the Red Rock Film Festival, please check out one of our last stops on the festival circuit. Shelter Island will be screening on Friday and Saturday at 7:30PM.

Its a beautiful evening of films and friends in an intimate setting.

Lisa’s Advice on the HuffPo

Now on the HuffPo just in time for Halloween.

Lisa always knows what you should do and she’s not shy about telling you. Which is great because then you know exactly what you shouldn’t do.

We just discovered this new series from Regina Taufen and Anna Christopher and, happily, there’s a brand-new Halloween-themed episode above.

See the episode here.

Lexus Short Films: Trailer for “Echoes” by Special Problems

Special Problems released a trailer for their upcoming short film “Echoes” featuring music by Idyllwild Media. Here’s a brief synopsis:

It’s 3am and a comedian is having an off night. In a moment of desperation he begins to muse on love and life, his musings become the anchor to five stories of five isolated individuals. An expectant father waiting in a bar, an executive driving home, an astronaut in space, a young woman going for a late night swim and a singer waiting to go on stage are all experiencing a surreal moment of clarity.

Watch the trailer here.

The Otolith Group: Medium Earth at REDCAT

The Otolith Group’s new film Medium Earth
features Location Sound and Final Mix by Idyllwild Media. See the film installed at REDCAT’s Gallery April 21 through June 16, 2013.

Part prequel and part premonition, Medium Earth is a work caught within its own imminent future. A notebook film that initiates a new cycle of production by London-based artists The Otolith Group, Medium Earth represents the outgrowth of research undertaken throughout California in advance of a larger project. Conceived as notes toward the making of a future film, Medium Earth attunes itself to the seismic psyche of the state of California. It listens to its deserts, translates the writing of its stones, and deciphers the calligraphies of its expansion cracks. Commissioned by REDCAT and complimented by a series of public programs on the geopoetic practices of prediction and premonition, it is the first work produced by The Otolith Group within an American context.

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